Wednesday 30 December 2020

Day 289 of self-isolation - Conflagration


The number of new infections yesterday, was 53,135. That is huge. If those are figures that weren't inflated by postponed form-filling, then it's a problem.

Since yesterday was also a record number at 41,385, I think that 53,135 number is not an artifact of reporting.

Hospitalisation numbers are worse than they were in April, but in April, the lockdown had begun to bear fruit; new infection numbers were stable. What we've seen in the last few days, is very rapid growth in new infection numbers.

New infection numbers aren't stable now.

They're talking about putting up triage tents in car parks.

Our Glorious Leaderoris is still planning to send children back to school on January 4th. Even though children don't tend to get badly ill from Covid, they are carriers. And you can't get primary schoolkids to social distance - they naturally clump together.

If the new infection numbers stay as they are, I'm expecting a U-turn on this.

But on the bright side, we're seeing reports that the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine could be approved this week, and the vaccine rollout could start on January 4th.

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  1. Oxford vaccine approved this morning. This is the one where (limited data) a half dose followed by full dose 2 weeks later gave improved protection. I'm hearing that roll out will be initial full doses followed by second full dose in 12 weeks.