Tuesday 29 December 2020

Day 288 of self-isolation - The Oxford vaccine

The Oxford vaccine

The rumour is, it will be approved and rolled out on Monday January 4th  It's easier to store and handle than the Pfizer vaccine, because it can be stored in an ordinary refrigerator. AstraZenica has been manufacturing in advance of the approval, so there's already a stock waiting to be distributed.

And there's a rumour that this vaccine will be 95% effective, which is more than had been thought. And it seems to be 100% effective against severe Covid.

And it should be effective against the new Covid variant.

But hospitals are now holding more Covid-19 patients than even last April. And the numbers are still rising, and likely to do so for a while. This would therefore be a very bad time to get ill.

41,385 new cases yesterday, a new record. 8000 ambulance callouts on December 26, one of the worst days ever. 71,109 Covid deaths in total.

No-one wants to be the last casualty in a war. Stay safe.

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