Tuesday 18 January 2022

Day 673 of self-isolation - The post arrived!

The post arrived!

The post arrived today - in large numbers. We got 30 letters, that being the cumulative buildup pf post over the last month or so.

For example, one letter from Oxford Hospitals was dated 10th December, and asked me to come in for an XR chest examination, which I have not done because I didn't know about it. And there were some other letters from Oxford Hospitals about appointments that I have kept, because I told them that if they want me, the MUST email or text about the appointment.

There were numerous letters from the bank about routine matters, a couple of magazines, and a wifi antenna.

We've been having this problem with our post for some months now, and I've been told it's because of staffing problems. But I cannot imagine what kind of staffing problems would lead to letters arriving more than a month after dispatch.

We're going to make a formal complaint about this.


Monday 17 January 2022

Day 672 of self-isolation - Screw removal

Screw removal

I ordered this a while ago, and it just arrived.  I have a multimeter which, as far as I know, is still working, it just needs a new battery. Unfortunately, one of the screws that needs to be removed to change the battery, won't budge. I tried WD40 and variations thereof, but no luck.

So I ordered a screw removal tool, which arrived today. It comes in various sizes for various screw sizes.

It's something for me to look forward to when I get back from Oxford.

Sunday 16 January 2022

Day 671 of self-isolation - Omicron falling.

Omicron falling.

The number of new cases each day has fallen below 100,000 from the peak of 200,000. It's looking good!

The pandemic isn't over, and in other countries, the numbers are horrendous and rising. But in Cool Britannia, things are looking up, at last.

Things can only get better!



Saturday 15 January 2022

Day 670 of self-isolation - Conspiracy!


Here's why I'm sceptical about theories that involve a large number of people keeping a secret.

It's because the more people are involved, the more likely the secret will get out.

Good examples are, the Downing Street parties. It's now looking like Number 10 was one long frolic. Another good example was the MP expenses scandal.

Things like this, do get public, and I'd guess it's via someone who realised that it was all so wrong, and felt that they had to blow the whistle.


Friday 14 January 2022

Day 669 of self-isolation - Party


It was May 20th. For me, it was day 65 of self isolation. Ladysolly and I would go on our daily exercise walk, avoiding anyone else who was along the route we took. We hadn't seen the kids for two months, except via Zoom. Groceries arrived by van, and we sprayed them with alcohol to disinfect. Anything else we ordered, would be left for three days before touching.

This was before the vaccines. This was the time of "Protect the NHS".

We were following the rules. Everyone was following the rules. Except ...

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson didn't think that the rules applied to him, and nor did 40 other people. So here's my question.

How on earth did he think that he'd get away with it?

And why is it, again and again, there's one rule for us and another rule for them?



Wednesday 12 January 2022

Day 667 of self-isolation - VAT


I did the VAT today, and there's nothing to pay because they owe me. This happens because most of my sales are outside the UK, but all my purchases are inside UK. 

I have a date for my Big Day, it's the 19th January. The last three months have been leading up to, and getting ready for this. I've been doing 20 minute sessions on the stationary bike, and I've boosted my weight by 12 pounds, because for the first few days after the Big Day, I might not feel like eating. I don't know.

From the 14th, I go off Warfarin and onto an injected anti-coagulant Fragmin, and 24 hours before the operation, I skip the Fragmin. Nil by mouth for six hours before the op (to avoid stuff from my stomach coming up to my mouth and down into my lungs, a Bad Thing), and then up with the lark for the one hour drive to Oxford, so I can go under the knife at 7am.

My experiences in the last few months have always been that the event is nowhere near as bad as expected. For example, when I had the big nosebleed and I was told I needed to be cauterised, I was imagining red hot needles. The reality was a small dab of silver nitrate with a wooden paddle, and I was sent home an hour later. And when I had a catheter for the first time, I was expecting something truly awful as they insert a tube where I don't really want a tube to be inserted, but actually it was mildly uncomfortable and somewhat inconvenient, no worse than that.

After that, they'll keep me in for 10 days (if there are no complications). More if necessary, but I'm not expecting complications. I'll have a laptop with me, but I don't know at what point I'll feel up to using it.

However, just in case, I'm going to do the payroll and PAYE before I go in. I feel sure that HMRC won't mind the taxes being paid early.


Sunday 2 January 2022

Day 657 of self-isolation - VAT OSS


VAT MOSS (VAT mini one stop shop) was the way that I used to pay VAT to EU countries; I used to use the UK system, but when we left the EU, I had to register with an EU country - I chose Ireland. They speak English.

Suddenly, VAT MOSS disappeared, and there's a new service called VAT OSS. (VAT One stop shop). It's exactly the same as VAT MOSS, but it's a different system. The things I fill in are the same.

It's almost as if they just changed the name, for no reason that I can imagine. I've been using the Irish system for a year now, and two of my returns are in the old VAT MOSS system, and two are in the new VAT OSS system.

I really hate it when things that I have to use, are changed for no good reason.

Oh well.

I filled in the data, and made the payment, and now I have to hope that the Irish tax people pay the various countries as they are supposed to, so that I don't get sudden allegations of non-payment, plus demands for money, from whichever EU country can't keep its paperwork straight.

I'm glad that I'm not shipping goods. The paperwork for that must be a nightmare now that we've left the EU.