Tuesday 1 December 2020

Day 260 of self-isolation - Christmas has been ordered

Christmas has been ordered

Online. From Amazon. Amazon is doing extremely well this year.

Clothes for Ladysolly.

Electronics for daughters.

Books for me.

I accidentally ordered a Kindle book, but it was easy to unorder it. I just told them I'd ordered the wrong thing (which is true, I'd meant to order the paper version).

I greatly prefer paper books. The user interface is one I'm very used to, and the fact that I can't change the font, is only a minor irritation. Maybe if my eyes deteriorate I'll prefer the Kindle.

I do actually have a Kindle, which I inherited from someone, and I have a bunch of e-books on it that I downloaded free from the Gutenburg project. But I don't actually use it.

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  1. I read quite a lot and always have done. Most of my reading is done either on my iPad in PDF Expert or audiobooks on my iPhone. Audiobooks are either from Audible or from Librivox imported into Apple Books. Of the approximately 70 books I’ve read this year about seven were on paper. I don’t miss paper at all. Good riddance! And I’m not some millennial whippersnapper - I’ll be 70 in a couple of years.