Thursday 10 December 2020

Day 269 of self-isolation - things are getting better

Things are getting better

Lots of good news.

New cases peaked about a month ago at 25,000 and have come down to 16000

Deaths peaked about three weeks later, and are now on a downtrend. This is the result of the lockdown that ended on December 6th.

Cases will continue to fall for the next few weeks, but will start to rise a week or two after Christmas, and you dn't need me to explain why. Deaths follow cases, with a two or three week lag.

It is all so predictable. Lock down - cases fall. Ease up - cases rise. It's like a bouncing ball. But now there's a new factor in the game, the Pfizer vaccine.

Vaccinations started Tuesday with much fanfare. There is a small spanner in the works - allergies. And if you're an allergic sort of person, you might have more of a reaction than most people. That will delay vaccination for a small percentage of people, but they will (hopefully) be able to take one of the other vaccines that are on the verge of approval.

When I was young, there were terrible diseases like polio. Vaccination has wiped it out in the UK, and could wipe it out everywhere, except for the fact that there are people who are suspicious of the motives of the vaccinators.


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