Wednesday 23 December 2020

Day 282 of self-isolation - Vaccines, vaccines

Vaccines, vaccines

The Oxford University-AstraZenica vaccine data has been sent to the regulator. Hopefully they will rule on it soon, and hopefully they will give it the green light.

The Pfizer vaccine is being distributed at 500 sites. One of them is my local GP practice, and I've had a text from them to tell me that they'll contact me when it's my turn to get the jab.

Rollout in care homes has started. That's difficult because  it comes in boxes of 975 doses, and care homes don't have that many people. This isn't an impossible problem, but it did need to be handled.

Some bad news

39237  new infections on Tuesday. This the worst ever. And 744 deaths.

A lot of those new infections are the new variant, Covid-19.b

But there's more bad news - another variant, coming from South Africa (I'll call it Covid-19.c) has also arrived in the UK, and it's also more infectious than Covid-19.a, the original virus. It also has the N501Y mutation.

More of us are now moving to Tier 4 on December 26th.


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