Saturday 5 December 2020

Day 264 of self-isolation - High value

High value

If you're a "high-value business traveller" then you don't need to self isolate when returning from a plague-ridden country.

What utter dipstick dreamed up that one? Do they think that they've made some sort of deal with the virus not to infect "high-value business travellers"? Or is it just one rule for the rich, another for the poor?

And it's really silly. If you're such high value, then forking out £120 for a test shouldn't be a problem. Then if you test negative, you're free to go; if you test positive, you get quarantined, without the option.

What are they thinking? Yes, I understand the desire to get the economy booming again, but didn't anyone think about the effect on someone who was thinking of visiting their family over Christmas, and is being told that they can't? Meanwhile
"high-value business traveller"can do whatever they want?

Have the forgotten the Dominic Cummings effect?

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