Sunday, 20 December 2020

Day 279 of self-isolation - Christmas is cancelled

Christmas is cancelled

London, the South East and East England is going into Tier 4. Tier 4 means - stay at home, with limited exemptions. This starts Sunday December 20th.

In the rest of England, in tiers 1 to 3, the rules allowing three households to meet will be only for one day, December 25.

But those of us in tier 4, we must not mix with anyone in other households. Must not enter or leave Tier 4 areas. Cannot stay overnight anywhere. Cannot travel abroad. Cannot have an eye test in Barnard's Castle.

This isn't going to change my plans. I'm having Christmas with Ladysolly, and with the daughters via Zoom. We decided that weeks ago.

So what changed? There's new strain of the virus, which spreads 70% faster. 60% of cases in London are the new strain. No surprise there, that's how evolution works. It's thought that this new strain will also be prevented by the vaccines.

2020 has been a marathon, but we're near the finish line. Vaccinations have started in the UK and a few other countries. Now is not the time to catch Covid-19, not that there ever was a good time.

Christmas is cancelled, but we have plenty of mince pies and Brussels sprouts. My Christmas presents (books) are all present. I have beer. We have Zoom. The time for celebration will be when this is all over and done.

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