Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Day 401 of self-isolation - Blood clots

Blood clots

Let's look at the numbers.

20 million doses of the  AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK

79 cases of blood clots

19 deaths

That's about four cases per million, one death per million vaccinations.

So what are the odds if you aren't vaccinated?

The normal number of brain clots is - five cases per million. So is the vaccine causing those four, or are they clots that would have happened anyway? We don't know.

But what if you're taking the oral contraceptive? 400 cases per million.

Pregnancy? 2000 cases per million.

And the worst of all - Covid-19 - 310000 cases per million.

 But let's look at some really nasty stuff. These are total 2010 figures, in a population of 60 million. So, divide by 60 to get deaths per million.

Choking from food - 203 deaths

Drowning in bath tub - 29

Fall from ladder - 53

Alcohol poisoning - 188

Cyclist in accident - 96

Life is dangerous. That's why we are careful when crossing a road (pedestrian in hit by car, van, lorry or bus, 188) and when using stairs (falls from stairs and steps, 655) and swimming (68).

In the UK, there's an average of five road traffic deaths per day. 1752 deaths in 2019.

Nothing is 100% safe. Doing nothing is not safe. The  AstraZeneca vaccine is safe enough.


Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Day 400 of self-isolation - Second dose

Second dose

I have a date for my second dose - it's next week, an hour before my eye test (just the routine annual test) and the day after my telephone appointment about my asthma (which has almost entirely cleared up). 

It should be another dose of the Pfizer vaccine.



Monday, 19 April 2021

Day 399 of self-isolation - MyPillow


I made a complaint to the Advertising Standard Authority about a MyPillow advertisment that was on LBC every few minutes. My complaint was about the "special two for the price of one" offer, which I felt was their standard price, and not some sort of special offer.

And it turns out that I'm not the only one to complain.

The ASA have decided that further investigation is needed. They have written to MyPillow and asked for a response.

By the way, if you want a half price MyPillow (the standard price is £120 on Amazon) , watch out for promo codes. The normal price for a memory foam pillow is more like £25 to £30. So if you can get a half price offer, combined with two for the price of one, it becomes a reasonable price.

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Day 398 of self-isolation - Three million

Three million

As of now, three million people have died from Covid-19. we're in the fourth wave.

It's looking good in the UK, very good with 35 deaths yesterday and 2206 new cases, but when you look at the world situation, it's still looking very bad.

New cases have hit 850,000 per day, and new deaths 14,000. The worst countries for death numbers are still Brazil, India and the USA. Brazil is looking to turn down, but the USA has started to trend upwards again. And India is looking truly dreadful with a quarter million new cases each day. And I suspect that the more rural parts of India might be under-reporting.

In India there is a variant (B1617) with a double mutation, and there are 77 cases of this in the UK. And this mutation is more infectious, which is what you'd expect from evolution.

In the UK, 61% of the population has been vaccinated; in India, 1%



Saturday, 17 April 2021

Day 397 of self-isolation - Bridges compared

Bridges compared 

I tested each bridge by copying a 400 mb file.

The best bridge is, of course, the cat 5 cable, running from my office to the server room. The file copied in 9 seconds, which gives me 41 mb/sec which is 330 mbit/sec.

I tested the TP-Link-411 powerline, using two power sockets in the same room; that gave me 90 mbit/sec, which is the most I could hope for, since it was running via a 100 mbit switch. It gave me great hope, though, because it was really easy to set up. You just plug the TP-Link-411 devices into the power, plug in an ethernet cable, and press the button. Then you press the button on the other one, and they shake hands and they're ready to go.

But when I tried out the powerlines to the server room, which is on a different power circuit (I think), and is several yards way, I only got 12 mbit/sec. That's usable, but disappointingly slow.

Then I tried the Buffalo Bridge. That was very disappointing, I only got about 1 mbit/sec.


Friday, 16 April 2021

Day 396 of self-isolation - Another parcel

Another parcel

Ebay was good tgo me again today. Four powerline adapters arrived, TP-Link 411. This could be an alternative for connecting the server room to the rest of the house.

They work by sending a high frequency signal along the main electricity system. But will it work on my system? There isn't just the one circuit. Also, there are three phases. So I don't know. But I paid only £15 for four units.

The way to find out, of course, is going to be - suck it and see.


Thursday, 15 April 2021

Day 395 of self-isolation - Parcel


The 24-way D-link gigabit switch arrived. New, they cost a hundred pounds or more. I got it from eBay for £25. Corporate-type equipment sells for peanuts on eBay, because corporates don't buy secondhand kit. I tested it, it works fine.