Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Day 456 of self-isolation - Doubling


We're at a point where the number of cases is doubling every ten days. So, with the current number at 8000, that would get to 64,000 by 12 July. And that's back in the dark  days of last winter.

Easing the lockdown, would obviously make that worse. That's why we aren't easing the lockdown.

It's like driving a car - you have to anticipate. If you see brake lights flaring half a mile down the road, you know that this isn't the time to put your foot on the accelerator.

Delaying the lockdown-easing will be hard on the hospitality industry, and the events industry, and on many others. But that delay will mean that we can substantially increase the percentage of us that have been vaccinated. And if we didn't delay, ,the case numbers would rise faster, and then what would we do? No-one wants to go back to the full lockdown of last year.

So what's the cause of this, after things were going so well? The delta variant, which is 60% more infectious than the alpha, which was 30% more infectious than the original.

The guilty party is evolution.

Monday, 14 June 2021

Day 455 of self-isolation - A visitation

A visitation

Brother-in-law and sister-in law visited today.  We had lunch.

The significance of the day was that we took no Covid precautions. All four of us are double-vaccinated, so we didn't mask, and we ate indoors.

Meanwhile, it looks like June 21 isn't going to bring a change to the lockdown.


Sunday, 13 June 2021

Day 454 of self-isolation - June 17

June 17

We're having a by-election on June 17, and we're getting flooded with leaflets. The latest is shown below.

I was thinking of voting for the "Rejoin EU" party, even though they aren't going to win. Just as a protest vote. But this leaflet has convinced me otherwise.

The Conservatives think that the Lib Dems can win. So this Tory leaflet has persuaded me to vote Lib Dem.

Saturday, 12 June 2021

Day 453 of self-isolation - Going up

Going up

Throughout Europe and the USA, the numbers are going down, both new cases and new deaths. But in the UK, they're going up.

The latest number for new cases, is 8125, and we're on an uptrend. The latest new deaths number is 17, which isn't as low as it's been for the last few weeks. Hospitalisations are still low, but the delta variant is sweeping through the country.

The vaccination program is still going well in the UK, but in the USA, it has slowed down a lot. That's vaccine hesitancy.

On June 21, we're due to have another reduction of the lockdown. I think that will have to be deferred. But the government will leave the decision to the last minute.

I downloaded and installed the NHS app. It shows my Covid vaccination history, and I can make a QR code if anyone needs to see it. It also claims that I can order repeat prescriptions, but that's not working for me.

One of the more interesting capabilities, is that I can look at my medical records, which are mostly INR blood tests, but also include various other tests.

I've changed the fonts on my main workstation, to make them one point size bigger. Because I think my eyes have got weaker, especially the left eye. It's like a translucent curtain is in front of that eye. Things that I can see fairly clearly out of the right eye, are just a blur with my left. I think it's the cornea, a cataract. It isn't bad enough to warrant an operation, but it is deteriorating.

Friday, 11 June 2021

Day 452 of self-isolation - Rejoin EU?

Rejoin EU?

We have a by-election coming up in our constituency, so I'm getting lots of flyers. One of them claims that he has the solution to all the problems that leaving the EU caused.

Rejoin the EU.

This will give a huge boost to our fishing industry, will remove the problems that many of our farmers face, allow freedom of travel, freedom to work anywhere in the EU, freedom to sell goods and services anywhere in the EU (thus rescuing our financial sector) and solve the problem of Northern Ireland being in the single market while the rest of the UK isn't.

The party is called "Rejoin EU", and I think it's a brilliant solution to all the problems that leaving has caused.

They'll have my vote!

Although their web site needs work.

By contrast, there's a "Freedom alliance" which is going to oppose vaccine passports (which will mean that we can't travel outside the UK). They are against Covid vaccination. They are against "unnecessary vaccines for children", which is a bit like being against "unnecessary cakes for children". They claim that there were over three quarters of a million adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine, and I was one of those, because I had a sore arm for a few hours.


Also - this is the time of year for my hayfever.

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Day 451 of self-isolation - Covid passports

Covid passports

It's called the EU Digital Covid Certificate. It can be digital or paper - it's a QR code. The official launch date is July 1, but people are signing up already.You'll need it if you plan to travel to or within the EU.

Currently, it's only available to EU citizens, but that's sure to open up.

No-one is forced to get one, unless you plan to travel, in shich case you'll also be carrying your ordinary passport too. Is this an invasion of privacy? Of course it is, and so are ordinary passports.

What is stored is: recent recovery from Covid-19, and negative test results -- including lateral flow, as well as PCR. It also records how many vaccinations you've had, and which vaccine.

It's free.

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Day 450 of self-isolation - 100 per 100

100 per 100

We've reached 100 jabs per 100 people.

 This isn't quite as good as it sounds, because many people have been double-vaccinate. And it's better than that because up till now, we haven[t been vaccinating under-18s (but I think that will change soon).

 I had another book-avalanche. The problem is, I have a lot of books, and they are piled up on top of each other against the walls of my bedrook, up to more than two meters tall. But books aren't quite flat, so the piles lean a bit, like the tower at Pisa. So, occasionally, I get a book avalanche.

The one today was minor, only a few dozen books fell, so it was fairly quick to re-pile. The one before that was major, three entire piles toppled, and it took ages to sort out.

The real problem is, I find it hard to part with books.

Also, today I found out that I can avoid many hours of programming - Barclays ePDQ assured me that I fall outside of their new security "3DS" system. That's good because I'm sure that my own security system, based on a couple of decades of experience and data, is way better than theirs.