Thursday, 2 December 2021

Day 625 of self-isolation - Snow


 We had half an inch of snow last night, it looked lovely in the morning.


Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Day 623 of self-isolation - Alexa


I was pottering around on Amazon when I noticed a great deal.  Two Echo Dots and a smart plug for £37, so I bought one.

Setting it up was very simple, and then I put my bedside lamp on the smart plug. So now when I wake up at night, I don't have to grope for the light switch - I say "Alexa light on" and I can see.

So I went back to the web site and ordered an Echo Flex plus smart plug for £17. The Flex is just like the Dot, but with a tinny speaker.


Sunday, 28 November 2021

Day 621 of self-isolation - Nosebleed!


It started at midnight, and it was a gusher. By 1:30, it was still going, so ladysolly took me to Stoke Mandeville hospital. They saw me very quickly, and I thought we'd staunched the flow, but it restarted.

Then the doctor got involved, and put some wadding soaked in something up the nostril, but that didn't help. So he decided that I'd have to go to the "Ear, nose and throat" unit at John Radcliffe. They arranged an ambulance to transfer me, but first he put a "balloon" up my nose, which was very painful - and then he inflated it, which felt even worse - but at least it served as a stop-gap to stop the bleeding.

There followed a painful (because of the balloon) and rather jolting ride of 35 minutes to Oxford. They put me in a bed in a corridor, and I waited ... and waited. They had two resuscitations going, and everyone was going at full speed on those. But then someone noticed me, decided that I didn't need to go through triage (because I was a referral from Stoke) and I went straight up to the GP referral ward.

That ward was almost empty, so I saw the doctor immediately. He removed the balloon and asked me about what had happened. He used suction to clear out the mess inside, then used a light to examine the nostril. He found the problem immediately, and said that the answer was to cauterise.

I didn't like the sound of that, I was thinking of red hot iron. But no, it's a dab of silver nitrate on a stick! Then he applied antiseptic, and then he shoved a sponge up the nostril that was soaked in various good stuff (the sponge will dissolve itself).

So, problem fixed, but I did lose a full night's sleep, and now I need to catch up.

Saturday, 27 November 2021

Day 620 of self-isolation - 12 stone 8

12 stone 8

And my temperature is 37.8, so I have a slight fever, I think from the booster shot. At a BMI of 25.3 I'm still overweight, but only by 0.3. I need to stop losing weight now. I'm under 80 kilos!


Thursday, 25 November 2021

Day 618 of self-isolation - I'm normal!

I'm normal!

My weight this morning was 12 stone 10. Taking a slightly optimistic measure of my height, that give me a BMI of 24.8, which is in the Normal range. 


Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Day 617 of self-isolation - I'm boosted

I'm boosted

I had my booster jab for Covid. I suspect we'll be getting these every six months now.


Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Day 616 of self-isolation - Twelve-eleven


Twelve stone, eleven pounds.  So my BMI is 25.7, which is "overweight" but only just.

I've achieved the goal I set myself in March 2020, when I was 17 stone 11, which was to "lose a lot of weight". I've lost five stone, which is 70 pounds. I would struggle to lift 70 pounds, but I was carrying it around with me every day, and now I'm not.

My next objective is to get fit, so I'm getting back into geocaching, which consists of talking long walks, and I've contacted my geocaching pals to help.