Wednesday 2 December 2020

Day 261 of self-isolation - Thoroughly modern

Thoroughly modern

We've entered the 21st century. We now have 4K TV, and I just signed up to Netflix. It costs £11.99 for 4k quality. And I immediately got a text from the card company, telling me of a possible fraudulent charge from Love Films. And if we approved it, we should text them Y and submit the charge again.

So we phoned the card company, and it turned out that Netflix has double-billed. So everything was fine, and it's just as well that we didn't submit the charge again.

4k quality is really looking nice. Plus I can watch Netflix on my computer, or on the TV, or an iPad or iPhone.

I'm impressed with the choice on Netflix, especially at that price. Sky is costing us £64 per month, and I suspect we'll be using Netflix more.


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  1. If it wasn't for live sports, maybe I would be able to just quit cable TV and watch entertainment via Netflix or Amazon Prime streaming. At least in the US, if I dropped cable TV, the same price I pay for Internet would go up a bit as the total price I pay is a "bundle" of TV, internet and telephone.