Thursday 13 August 2020

Day 150 of self-isolation - Kilograms



First, some good news. I'm down to  103 kilograms. My diet is working, slowly but surely.

The 13th August, is A level results day. I remember when I was eagerly awaiting my A level results, but at least I'd actually sat an exam. What must it be like for kids today, relying on teachers estimates, mock results and the astrological predictions of the stars? Best wishes to you all. I was fairly happy with my results.

Not so happy with the UK economy, which has fallen 20.4%, quarter on quarter. That's HUGE, much more than in other countries, and I have to wonder why. Were we just unlucky? I don't think so. The virus has accelerated many existing trends, such as the move to online shopping, the move away from face-to-face business meetings, and much more. And maybe it has accelerated to effect of Brexit. The position we're in now is one of huge uncertainty. We can't even get a trade deal with Japan, let alone our major trading partner, the EU. Brexiteers are moaning about these difficulties, to which I say "You won, get over it".

Investment has ground to a halt, along with the tourist industry, the hospitality industry, air travel and we don't know when it will come back - if ever. What will happen to sea cruises now? And how many businesses will just go under, never to be seen again? I'm hearing adverts saying "We left the EU, now's your chance!" and I just wonder, exactly what opportunities have opened up?

For example. I pay VAT (at German rates) on sales to Germany. But I don't pay VAT n sales to Canada. I'm being told that I will have to continue to pay VAT on saoles to Germany - except that I can't do it through the existing VAT Moss system, because that ends in December. So I'll have to register for ANOTHER Vat Moss system (non-union), based in an EU country (probably Ireland because they'll be able to speak English to me). Except I don't understand why, if we've left the EU, I am paying VAT to EU countries still. And what, exactly, is this opportunity? To me, it just looks like I have to jump through additional hoops, just to continue doing as I am, while an unelected Dominic Cummings, who seems to be above the rules of lockdown, is running the country.

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