Wednesday 5 August 2020

Day 142 of self-isolation - Down with skool!

Down with skool!

As any fule kno, skool start on Aug 24. At snt custards, hedmaster grimes has dettoled the klassrums and is reddy for akshun, with glas screans all over. Head boy grabber will be suking up as ushal, hoppnig to get his rafia work prise agen and fotherington-tomas will be skiping around saing hullo clouds. skool will be wet and weedy.

Everyones skared of the corna virus so we have to soshul distant witch mean staing apart. Ive got this wicked space helmet to ware and molesworth 2 waring a kloth on his eyes

I herd that half the boys wont be bak this turm, woried about the corna and thats grate because more for us. and all the teechers will haf to ware ful face masks, wot fun!

with luck, the corna will hit the skool and well all be sent home to mater and pater again.

Down with skool! 

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