Thursday 20 August 2020

Day 157 of self-isolation - the purpose of life

The purpose of life

What is the purpose of life? Theists and atheists tend to diverge on this. First, let's look at the theist's point of view.

From the theist's point of view, the purpose of life for animals is to be eaten or harnessed by humans; the purpose of life for plants, it to be eaten by humans or animals. I don't know what theists see as the purpose in life is for bacteria and viruses; perhaps their purpose is to punish humans?

From the atheists point of view, the purpose of humans, animals, plants, bacteria and viruses, is to replicate (and to stay alive long enough to do so). Yes, I know that sounds dull, and some people would like there to be some other purpose to life, but I would like a rainbow-coloured unicorn. Wanting something doesn't make it true.

But after fulfilling that primary purpose, we can choose other purposes. Theists can't do that, they are tied to the "will of God". I could choose to play golf, I could choose to write programs - it's my choice. Muslims, for example, see themselves as "slaves of God". Slaves cannot choose their purpose.

Theists also believe that after our brief sojourn on earth, there will be an infinity of time in heaven (or hell). So the time spent in heaven (or hell) is hugely greater than time spent on earth. And I'm wondering this. What is the purpose of the time you spend in heaven (or hell)?


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