Friday 11 June 2021

Day 452 of self-isolation - Rejoin EU?

Rejoin EU?

We have a by-election coming up in our constituency, so I'm getting lots of flyers. One of them claims that he has the solution to all the problems that leaving the EU caused.

Rejoin the EU.

This will give a huge boost to our fishing industry, will remove the problems that many of our farmers face, allow freedom of travel, freedom to work anywhere in the EU, freedom to sell goods and services anywhere in the EU (thus rescuing our financial sector) and solve the problem of Northern Ireland being in the single market while the rest of the UK isn't.

The party is called "Rejoin EU", and I think it's a brilliant solution to all the problems that leaving has caused.

They'll have my vote!

Although their web site needs work.

By contrast, there's a "Freedom alliance" which is going to oppose vaccine passports (which will mean that we can't travel outside the UK). They are against Covid vaccination. They are against "unnecessary vaccines for children", which is a bit like being against "unnecessary cakes for children". They claim that there were over three quarters of a million adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine, and I was one of those, because I had a sore arm for a few hours.


Also - this is the time of year for my hayfever.

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