Monday 21 June 2021

Day 462 of self-isolation - The longest day

The longest day

So here we are, the second midsummer of the Covid years. I thought Covid would go for several months, I didn't expect eighteen. Yet, here we are.

June 21, 2020 saw 1104 cases, 34 deaths. Today, we see 9284 cases, 6 deaths. The vaccine is working well at preventing hospitalisations and deaths.

A study by Public Health England, says that the Pfizer vaccine is 96% effective at preventing serious disease from the delta variant; AstraZeneca is 92%, but those numbers are only true for a double vaccination. If you've had only one, get the other one ASAP.

Brazil is currently seeing 14000 deaths per week and rising; USA is seeing 2100 per week and falling. If this continues, then a couple of months from now, Brazil will overtake the USA for the most Covid deaths.

How did this happen? The president belittled the threat, refused to take the necessary measures. Brazil is now in the fourth wave, and that's without to delta variant. Only 11% of the population have been fully vaccinated.

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