Tuesday 15 June 2021

Day 456 of self-isolation - Doubling


We're at a point where the number of cases is doubling every ten days. So, with the current number at 8000, that would get to 64,000 by 12 July. And that's back in the dark  days of last winter.

Easing the lockdown, would obviously make that worse. That's why we aren't easing the lockdown.

It's like driving a car - you have to anticipate. If you see brake lights flaring half a mile down the road, you know that this isn't the time to put your foot on the accelerator.

Delaying the lockdown-easing will be hard on the hospitality industry, and the events industry, and on many others. But that delay will mean that we can substantially increase the percentage of us that have been vaccinated. And if we didn't delay, ,the case numbers would rise faster, and then what would we do? No-one wants to go back to the full lockdown of last year.

So what's the cause of this, after things were going so well? The delta variant, which is 60% more infectious than the alpha, which was 30% more infectious than the original.

The guilty party is evolution.

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