Friday 18 June 2021

Day 460 of self-isolation - Landslide


Chesham and Amersham has been a safe seat for the Tories for 100 years. Not now it isn't. The libdems (who I voted for) won by 8000 votes, a huge margin.


Because we don't like the way that the Tories have been running the country. The combination of the pandemic disasters  and the Brexit bodges have not been eclipsed by the success of the vaccination deployment (which is down to the NHS, not our oven-ready government).

We're frazzled with the fraud, wearied by the waste of money and  enraged by the incompetence. So we've sent a strong message to the Tories, which they will, of course, ignore.

But come 2024 ... ?

 I'm posting this early, because we're going off on a jolly today. Someone is about to be 40 years old!



  1. .... and how will you spin it when the Tories win the upcoming by-election?

    1. There's no spin. It was a libdem landslide.