Saturday 12 June 2021

Day 453 of self-isolation - Going up

Going up

Throughout Europe and the USA, the numbers are going down, both new cases and new deaths. But in the UK, they're going up.

The latest number for new cases, is 8125, and we're on an uptrend. The latest new deaths number is 17, which isn't as low as it's been for the last few weeks. Hospitalisations are still low, but the delta variant is sweeping through the country.

The vaccination program is still going well in the UK, but in the USA, it has slowed down a lot. That's vaccine hesitancy.

On June 21, we're due to have another reduction of the lockdown. I think that will have to be deferred. But the government will leave the decision to the last minute.

I downloaded and installed the NHS app. It shows my Covid vaccination history, and I can make a QR code if anyone needs to see it. It also claims that I can order repeat prescriptions, but that's not working for me.

One of the more interesting capabilities, is that I can look at my medical records, which are mostly INR blood tests, but also include various other tests.

I've changed the fonts on my main workstation, to make them one point size bigger. Because I think my eyes have got weaker, especially the left eye. It's like a translucent curtain is in front of that eye. Things that I can see fairly clearly out of the right eye, are just a blur with my left. I think it's the cornea, a cataract. It isn't bad enough to warrant an operation, but it is deteriorating.

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