Monday 28 June 2021

Day 469 of self-isolation - Hancock's snogging video

Hancock's snogging video

Question - where did it come from? Obviously, Downing street must have recording cameras all over the place, and obviously it came from one of those. But how did it leak?

Again, I think it's obvious, but I'm guessing. The records from those cameras must be stored for a while, and presumably reviewed from time to time. And one of the reviewers, seeing that snogging session, and having listened to Hancock repeat endlessly that we must not do that, was angry enough to send it to the newspaper.

So it broke in a similar way to the Parliamentary expenses scandal.

Which means that not only did Hancock break the Covid rules, not only is he "fucking useless" according to our dear Prime Minister, not only does he use public money for "jobs for the totty", but also he was stupid enough to fail to realise that he'd be caught by the cameras while snogging the totty.


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