Tuesday 29 June 2021

Day 470 of self-isolation - Cases up

Cases up

The number of infections is rising fast. It's looking like Autumn 2020, which brought a dreadful number of deaths. The latest figure on the number of cases, is 22868, and it's still rising exponentially.

I've been asked, "Does this mean that the vaccine has failed?" No, it doesn't, because of this.

The vaccine is working. To understand this, you need to remember the purpose of a vaccine.

The purpose of a vaccine, is to boost the immune system against that virus. We shouldn't expect a vaccine to prevent infection - it isn't a magic plastic barrier. The vaccine is intended to help us fight off the virus faster, and more efficiently, than without it. The vaccine prevents serious illness. The vaccine is preventing hospitalisations. The vaccine is preventing deaths.

So, the fact that the latest number of new cases is 22868, doesn't matter if nearly all of those cases do not end up in hospital.

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