Thursday 17 June 2021

Day 458 of self-isolation - Compulsory vaccination in care homes

Compulsory vaccination in care homes

80% of care home workers are already vaccinated. Now the other 20% will be vaccinated, or will need to find another job.

I think that's a good idea. We all know that care home residents are the most vulnerable. This measure is in the same area as requiring kitchen workers to wash their hands and surgeons to be vaccinatiedf against Hepatitis.

The delta variant is more than twice as infectious as the original Covid - that's what evolution does. But evolution hasn't ended, and if a new variant becomes common, it will be because it is even more infectious than delta.

There has been 180 million cases of Covid worldwide that we know of - probably several times as many that we don't know of. Each of those produced billions of copies of the virus - many of them imperfect copies. It's not surprising that some of these imperfect copies would be better at infecting than the original - and many more would be worse. But the worse ones don't matter, they don't become common. It's only the imperfect copies that are better at infecting, become common.

Survival of those best suited to their environment. The environment is human society. It's evolution in action, and anyone who doesn't believe that evolution happens, has their eyes firmly shut.

Also, the latest number of new infections is up, at 9055.


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