Friday 4 June 2021

Day 445 of self-isolation - Half


Just over 50% of adults have had their second vaccination, including me and Bojo. And 75% have had their first jab.

But the number of new cases just hit 5274, on an upward trend, three times as high as the number in early May. Our death numbers are still low; less than 10 on a 7 day average.

This upward trend in new cases is concerning - if it continues, it will postpose the expected June 21 reopening. Bedford, Blackburn and Bolton are hotspots, so if you live in a town that starts with a B, get yourself vaccinated. Hospital admissions are rising again, mostly with unvaccinated people.

I think that the June 21 easing will be postponed; we need to get more of our people vaccinated.

In America, they're offering incentives to people to get vaccinated. That makes no sense to me. What better incentive could there be than "you won't get hospitalised"? Budweiser are offering a beer to people who get vaccinate; "a shot and a beer". But, as we all know, financial incentives do work.

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