Monday 1 April 2013

A big day in Alconbury

75 caches today, plus one DNF -  a big day.

The reason it was so big, was that I spent the whole day on the bike, and the going was good; indeed, quite a lot of it was tarmac. First I did 50 caches in the "low road loops", then I climbed a five bar gate to get a DNF on "Up or down", then another 17 on Abbots Amble (where I met another cacher going the other way round), then a few from the Boughton series, and finally a puzzle cache I've tried and failed on before, which takes you to the middle of a bridge, and then you're left to guess which of the four corners the tiny cache is hidden. I got it on the seventh corner.

It was cold today, but not too badly cold. My fingers were cold when ungloved, but inside the sheepskin gloves they were fine. Later on in the day it warmed up slightly. No rain!

I saw some patches of unthawed snow still around.

And no mud! I don't need to pressure wash the bike.

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