Saturday 13 April 2013

Finishing Deene

Back to Deene today; the ring was 84, and I only did 50 of them.

It was a tough day; there was a lot of rain yesterday, so the ground was softer. But worse - quite a few of the tracks went diagonally across a field that was recently ploughed, and so I went around the edges of the field wherever possible, which added a lot to the distance (and to the effort).

I also went back to do one of the Trumpton caches, which I would have done last time I was here, except that I hadn't solved the puzzle then.

Biking with my little finger in a splint is a bit tricky; the problem is mostly about A) keeping the splint in place while I'm using my hand (I'm using a rubber band until the finger stall I ordered arrives), and B) wearing a glove while my finger is greatly enlarged by the splint (I used a fingerless biking glove). I think I'll have to cut the little finger off a pair of gloves that is already at the end of it's lifespan.

After finishing the ring, it was about 4pm, so I only had time to do a few extras before setting off for home.
So 35 caches done today, and one DNF.

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