Monday 15 April 2013

Dentist and London

First of all, a trip to the dentist. Good news! The problem that I had last week wasn't a bit of tooth breaking off, it was a filling coming out. So he replaced it. He also did a temporary filling on another filling that came out; temporary because he wanted to xray it before doing it permanently, to check on what was going on in there.

Then some bad news; I went to the bike shop about my wobbly front wheel, and they agreed that it was the wheel bearing, but they don't do electrics. However, they suggested a shop in Chesham that does, so I went there, and they were closed. Although I donlt think they could have done anything either - I think a new motor is needed, and that would be *very* expensive. And I already have one, because I bought two twin bikes when I bought this.

Also, I have the electric bike I got first time around, and that has a 26 inch wheel, so I could use that. Only problem is, that runs on 36 volts, so I'd have to buy at least one new battery. I'm also thinking that I could probably replace the main bearing on my 24-inch-wheel bike, now that I've already done it on the bigger bike.

Then, with ladysolly, down to London to visit daughter.1 and grandson.1. Daughter.2 also turned up for a couple of hours, and she talked weddingiana with ladysolly.

Then we watched "Passport to Pimlico", an old Ealing comedy, and we were explaining about what it all meant to daughter.1 - post-war rationing, for example.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to go out again, to King's Cliffe, on a seven mile walking circuit.

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