Saturday 30 March 2013

Ubuntu resolution, and other news

I'm done with Ubuntu. I was only able to install it on one computer out of a dozen I tried it on, and on that computer it runs like treacle. Cold treacle. Cold treacle that keeps reporting a system error.

Good news, though. HMRC Basic Tools (version 2013) runs on Fedora, even though it says it wants Ubuntu. or at least, I think it's working. Certainly it installed, and I was able to give it employer and employee details, but the proof of the pudding will be the first time I try to use it for an actual payday. And on Fedora, it runs adequately quickly.

I have no idea why Ubuntu doesn't like me. Maybe I'll try it again one day.

Other news - I ordered a box of 20 500-ml pump action bottles of alcohol hand sanitiser for use when I go out, want to eat lunch, and have dirty hands from caching - available on Ebay at a very silly price because they're dated 2011. But alcohol lasts, like, forever, the sell-by date is as meaningless as it is on a box of paper tissues. I used some yesterday, and I can say that it's miles better than the tiny bottles of gel you get, because it's actually liquid, and you completely wet your hands with it.

Grapes - I've been buying two 500-gram packages of grapes to take when I go caching; one to eat with lunch, and one on the way home. The sugar content give me a good lift. But I discovered yesterday that where it says "70 calories" on the box, a more careful read reveals "70 calories per 100 grams", so what I thought was 70 calories, is actually 350. Oops.

My finger splint arrived, and I've been wearing it ... sometimes. It does help when it's on, but it makes it hard to type.

The back rack on my bike has slightly broken. It still works, but one of the sides has fallen apart and is now held together with wire ties. Since I'm riding over very rough ground and a totally broken back rack will leave me with a big problem if it happens in the middle of nowhere with two heavy saddlebags that can't be carried, I've ordered (on Ebay) a heavy duty (25 kilos) replacement.

I had planned to go out today and do two circuits of 25 caches each, plus maybe another of 15. But I woke up at 7am, my back still hurt (a day on the bike is quite a strain on my back, I don't know why) and I felt really tired, so I went back to sleep for another five hours. Tomorrow we're driving down to London (no trains on Easter Sunday), so no caching for a couple of days.

A few people have solved my Red Herrings puzzle - well done all of you.


  1. I went back to 11.04 of Ubuntu and no problems installing.

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