Friday 5 April 2013

Crisis in the NHS

I have a filling that's come out - at least, I hope that's the problem, and not another lost fragment of tooth. So I called my dentist to have it repointed, and I was quite surprised to hear that the soonest he could see me (unless it was an emergency, which it isn't, and it isn't causing pain) is ten days from now. This must mean that his practice is running at 100% capacity.

So I thought, I'll book a trip to the doctor to show him my little finger, which after a few months still is the same. And I'll book it for the same day, two birds etc.

Ten days? Forget it. The first available time slot is two weeks from now! And when I looked in more detail at the dates after then, I found that my doctor's practice (which has several doctors on one site) is also running at 100% capacity.

Neither of my problems, filling and little finger, are life-threatening, and I suppose that if I had something seriously wrong, they'd fit me in somehow. But when I compare the situation now, with how it's been in the past, it is distinctly worse.


  1. I called a new doctor's office recently and asked for an appointment. Nothing urgent, just wanting to see someone. I'm booked in June. June! I'm hoping that this is a sign that they're so good everyone wants to go there...

  2. If its urgent they do have spaces available but you have to ring up first thing in the morning.

  3. Yes, but I'm not going to say that a pain in my little finger is urgent!