Saturday 20 April 2013

Wandering around Worthing

Today I went to Worthing; I do enjoy the South Coast. First I did the A2Z series; 26 caches in a loop on the South DOwns. I did this on foot, because when I looked at the map, I saw a lot of scary contour lines. Actually, it wasn;t too bad, but for quite a lot of it I would have had to walk the bike.

Then I went in to Worthing and roamed around on the bike. I've already picked over Worthing a few times, so mostly I was doing micros. Mostly Church Micro, but also a few curry micro.

When I stopped at one curry micro to get the info, a man called out to me "Are you all right?" So I said, "Yes, I'm all right. Are you all right?" "Yes", he said. "Good," I said, "then we're both all right." And I biked off before he could reply.

I wonder if I could do a Pastafarian Micro?

One place I visited was so delightful, I took a few pictures.

It's only a small area, but the locals have done a great job there, plus there's a bench for sitting on (and hiding a cache under). Just across the road, I saw this:

I can't help wondering who made the offer.

So I wound up with 46 caches today, and one DNF, and I'm cream crackered.

Also, the front wheel of the bike is quite wobbly, and is making grunging noises when I apply power. I think I'll switch bikes to the other one of the pair I bought.

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