Thursday 11 April 2013

Deene diversion

Back up to Cambridgeshire again. I'll be running out of these rings up here soon.

First, back to a cache I did yesterday. The cache owner has just replaced it, so I went back to sign the new log, and remove the container I left there.Then on to the "Deene and Back" ring. There's 84 caches in this ruing,  which is too much for me to do in one day, but it can be divided into three segments. I did two of those today.

Then I went to get Captain Flack, because I needed that to do the Trumpton series. And I ended the day in Brigstock, to do the Park Walk cache that had been missing last time I was there, and that meant I could do the bonus.

Everyone likes a good obelisk. This one is at Deene Hall.

If you feel the need to assert your coolness, then you aren't.

61 caches done today, and a Turkish for dinner, yum yum.

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