Thursday 4 April 2013

Snow, pedals and the lightness of being

I was at home today, becasue A) yesterday knocked me out and B) it's the Visitation to the In-laws-to-be this evening. So I missed the snow that's been falling all afternoon. I'm not used to snow in April. It must be the Global Warming.

I sneaked in an extra weigh-in this morning - 15 st, 1 7/8 lb. A new record low!

The replacement folding pedals for my bike arrived, so I went to fit them. But the pedal spindle should have a flat area for the spanner to grip when you screw them in. These don't have that! I screwed them in using the nut that holds the ball-race in place, but that's not very satisfactory; when the pedals tighten as they're used, I'm not sure how I'll be able to remove them. I spoke to the vendor; he offered me a refund, or a replacement with pedals that do have flats. As I've already fitted them, and to avoid the hassle, I accepted a pair of brake cables as compensation.

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