Friday 5 April 2013

Bike rack replaced

What with the lost filling, and the very late hour at which we returned from the in-laws-to-be (which was a fun evening) I bottled out of going out today. However, the day wasn't lost. The new bike rack arrived, so I spent a happy couple of hours replacing the broken one.

Also, I've been juggling IP addresses on servers. I have a HUGE number of internal addresses; I use 10.x.x.x, so I have 16 million addresses I can use. But I can only use those internally, because anyone who wants to, can use those same addresses. My packet transit provider recently introduced a charge for IP addresses; they now cost me £2 per address per month. I have 17 servers there, plus the firewall. Plus there's three addresses I have but can't use (network, broadcast and router) so that's a total of 21 addresses. You can only have a power of two, so I have 32 addresses.

I already use the firewall for network address translation, translating the external addresses into my internal 10.x.x.x addresses. So I've extended that. I'm planning to manage with only 16 addresses, of which 13 are usable. The outside world only needs to be able to access six of those servers (the others are backups) so need nine addresses; I'm reducing my IP address bill to 16 addresses, thereby saving £32 per month. Result!

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