Tuesday 23 April 2013

A busy day in Cambridgeshire.

There was a cache I couldn't do a couple of weeks ago, because I was arse-deep in snow when I tried to get it. I left it for another time - after the thaw. And today was the day.

First, I did the "Twin turbine trail". That's a bunch of caches where you're constantly within sight of a lovely pair of wind turbines. I did it on the bike; not the bike with the wobbly front wheel, but on its twin, which performed beautifully. So beautifully that I was able to do the whole circuit of 43 caches on only one battery! Having my right little finger in a splint was a bit of a nuisance, but worse was when I went over some very rough ground, and the vibration, transmitted up through the bike, was a bit painful for my poor finger. So I stopped, took off the large aluminium splint, and put on the small plastic splint, and then a glove on top to keep everything safe, and that worked well. I'll see the doctor about the finger tomorrow.

I got back to the car, and had lunch, and it was only 2pm. So I decided to to another circuit, this time the Winwick Wizz, 39 caches. That took me another three hours, so then I did a few drive-bys, and other caches. Over 80 caches done today!

Here's a notice I found a bit unusual

I imagine Fido dragging some huge branch out into the middle of the field, where the tractor and plough can't handle it and break down.

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