Thursday 25 April 2013

Down south to the South Downs

On foot today, because the contour lines looked fierce. And that means two problems for a bike. 1) steepness and 2) non-arable land, therefore sheep, therefore stiles.

I did the Tottington Totter today; 8 miles and 44 caches, plus a few extra before and after, for a total of 50 caches. The route started at the top of the Downs, and then descended down to the plains below, threaded round there for some miles, then back up to the top of the Downs. When I was nearly at the top, I saw these:

 And when I was at the top, this view.

So, 50 caches today and no DNFs. And I'm pretty knackered, but that's OK because tomorrow I've been roped into a quiz, so I won't be going out caching.

Hey - I heard my first cuckoo of the year!

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  1. Love reading your blogs. Sorry to read about bike problems. Great little engine that bolts on to your bike. What a shame our laws are so strange, and that you can not use one without tax insurance and all that. Any way, greetings from West Sussex. Can't wait to hear your musings on UKIP!!! Billuzes.