Wednesday 3 April 2013

Nassington, Wansford and Yarwell

I did two rings today in one long bike ride, and then a few extras to end with. It was cold (again), but we've not had any rain for a while, so the ground was fairly dry. There still quite a lot of snow lying around. And it's the 4th of April! When will it thaw?

The front wheel of the bike has developed a slight wobble. I suspect it's the bearings, and that could be a big problem, because that's the wheel with the motor.

I needed to do several lifts over stiles, and several more stiles needed me to fold the bike to get it through. But the worst part was a byway, which is currently closed to motor vehicles (I'm a bicycle) and which is so rutted, I had to wheel the bike.

On the way home, I did a cache at the north end of the M1 where it joins the A421 (Bedford bypass) which I;ve been seeing each time I go this way, and which I wanted to eliminate.

All the walking and lifting I had to do has left me pretty tired, and I'm glad that tomorrow I can't go out caching because we're going to dinner at our in-laws-to-be.

64 caches done today, a good number.

Near the end of my day out, I was doing a church micro, and I was in the middle of standing there, signing the log when a car drew up, and the woman inside said to me "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, thank you."

I don't think that was what she was expecting, so she continued.

"We do a neighbourhood watch round here".

""Yes, good idea," I said, "everyone should do a neighbourhood watch."

Another unexpected responce. So she drove off. What was she expecting? "I was thinking of stealing this oak tree, but since you've got your eye on me, I won't".

I was hoping she'd ask me what I was doing - I had my answer all prepared. "I'm acting suspiciously", I would have said.

But she didn't.

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