Tuesday 4 June 2013

Not today, but tomorrow ...

I woke up today, I felt quite tired, and my back still hurt a bit from yesterday. So I went back to sleep, and had a quiet day.

But tomorrow, ladysolly will be out till late, so I will too. The weather is forecast to be dry (a it has been for the last few days) so I should get dry terrain - hopefully, no cloggy mud to act as a total barrier to bike wheeling. I'm planning to do a 14-16 mile route in Essex, around the Hanningfield Reservoir. Some 70-odd caches, but with an option to bottle out early if I need to. I'll be taking the bike, I think, and I'll carry two spare bike batteries, three bottles of water, a spare PDA, food and all the usual bike repair kit. I only hope that I don't have to lift that lot too often!

Still no sign of the new wheel from China - it's been in transit for five weeks now. A google search tells me that 30 days is about right. So, maybe this week?

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  1. You wont be able to use the bike for #1A-#1H, as no bikes are allowed in the visitors center, but you could do this on a 15-20 minute walk or so.

    There is about 5 stiles along the whole route.