Wednesday 19 June 2013

17 miles on foot.

Ouch. Oo oo oo. My feet hurt, and I have a blister. My knees hurt, and my thighs will barely move, I'm walking like a penguin. Most of all, my back hurts, and that's just from walking. But I did it!

After I did the first dozen or so, things were going really well, so foolishly, I did a couple of extra ones in Lindfield. And one of them, that I'd thought was a trad, was actually a multi, so it took me a long way out of my way - hence the extra couple of miles.

It was a warm day - hot, even. And I was wearing my light coat, because showers were forecast (but didn't happen), so I went through a lot of water. About 2/3 round the route, I was passing a house as the householder was outside, so I asked him to fill my water bottles, which he did. People are kind if you don't ask too much of them.

As I went round, I noted the stiles that I would have had to lift over - about a dozen, mostly of average difficulty.

My strategy of wearing my trainers worked quite well. On the plus side, I didn't get highly painful feet, but on the minus side, I did get a blister. I didn't need the head torch - I went round in 9 1/2 hours, including the diversion at Lindfield and a few breaks for food and/or rest.

I saw this important notice.

So I did 73 caches today, and no DNFs. A great day out, but I'll be paying heavily for it tomight and tomorrow.

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