Thursday 27 June 2013

Disappointment from SportsDirect, server problem and more on the bike.

I got an email back from them after I complained. They only sent one pair of trainers, because they were out of stock on the others. Huh. I'd have been happy to take a substitute in colour, but they didn't ask me. I have no idea how they're going to do the refund. Not my problem, really.

So I've gone back to their web site and ordered another pair. Two more pair, actually, because the pair that did arrive, fits well and feels good on the feet.

I'd planned to go out caching today, but had to abort. Late last night, I discovered a bit of a problem with one of my servers, and didn't get to bed until 3am. And then Safehosts lost me access to the remote power cycler (they're using Smoothwall as their firewall, which crashed on them; I stopped using that several years ago, because of the problems I had with it), and it was 12 hours before they sorted that out. Speaking of ISPs, Daisy (who provide my leased line and messed up my reverse DNS recently) have been in touch, trying to persuade me to buy more of their services. I gave them to understand that I'd want to see a lot more reliability from them first. So they gave me a special number I could call for tech support. Nice of them, but I decided to test it, and when I phoned it, it was "this number is not in use ...".

I think I understand the problem with the new bike wheel and the old battery. I think the motor tries to pull so much current that some safety cutout operates. I have two ways of dealing with that short-term. The first is, when the ammeter on the bike shows the red light, that's telling me "too much" so I can ease off on the throttle before the battery cuts out. The second way, is I've put the switch that leads to the power cycler, near the front of the bike, so I can toggle it without having to reach back. Toggling it, puts the battery back on again.

In the longer run, I have two plans. One is to buy a new battery from the same place I got the wheel; that will give me a 30 AH battery (the ones I use now are 10 AH) which will hopefully be able to supply the full current, but that is one heavy battery; 25 pounds weight (my existing batteries are 7 pounds). But it will fit in the bike pannier, and last me all day. Because it'll be on the pannier, it'll be quick-remove, so that I can whip it off whever I need to lift the bike over an obstacle. And I have a quick-release electrical connection, made from a computer kettle-plug extension cable.

The other plan is to buy a new motor from Alienocean. But then I'll have to put the spokes and rim onto it. Which I'm sure I can do. But that will leave me with three motorised wheels on two bikes.

On bike.2, the rear wheel is starting to wobble a bit. New bearings needed, I think, but because that's not part of the electrical system, any bike shop should be able to help me.

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