Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ashford outing

Today's Saturday, so I decided to go to Ashford. My reasoning is, the M25 will be lightly loaded, so I won't get stuck in a traffic jam. Plus, the weather forecast looked great.

I was right - light traffic. And the weather was pretty good, a couple of very light showers, otherwise fine.

I did two rings, the Birthday Bonanza, where nearly all the caches were fairy cakes and the final was a big cake. Very sweet. On the way round, I saw this delightful garden.

But to get to it, you had to go through this gate, which was kind of like a kissing gate, but six feet high, and rusted almost immovable.

And then I did the Ashford Amble, plus a couple of puzzles along the route.

One of those was "Encoded", a multi were each stage was a QR code. I found most of them fairly quickly, but the fifth eluded me, and eventually I gave up. But just as I was about to ride off to another cache, I realised that there was one place I hadn't looked, so I had a quick peek, and there it was! The final was easy.

So, 35 caches done today, and I'm bushed.

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