Friday 28 June 2013

More drives fail, and another motor ordered

Two more hard drives failed, in the same server! I'm starting to detect the faint odour of fish. I'll replace and reload them. But I'm wondering if there's some problem with that server.

I looked into the price of hard drives now. They come in at:

2tb £55.25
3tb £76
4tb £111

It looks like these 4tb drives are the ones to get from now on. My big boxes will take 14 drives, so that's 56 terabytes in one box. But I don't need to order any just yet; I have several 2tb and a couple of 3tb drives lying around; guarantee replacements for drives that failed. And, as usual for this field, the longer you wait, the lower the prices fall.

On the bike front - I've ordered a replacement 24V motor from Alienocean. The price was, I thought, very reasonable, but that's because it doesn't include the controller, throttle etc (which I already have). And it's just the motor, not the whole wheel. So I'll have to remove the old wheel from the non-working hub, and install it on the new hub, which might be a bit fiddly and time-consuming, but I'm pretty sure I can do a good job of it.

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