Monday 3 June 2013

Witchford wanderabout

A day out on the bike today. I set off, and heard a new bike noise coming from behind me. New bike noises aren't good, so I stopped to investigate, and after a bit of to-and-fro, I found that the tire was very slightly rubbing on the carrier. This is because I moved the carrier yesterday. And that was because it had become loose, and when I tried to tighten the bolts, I found that the thread wasn't gripping, so I changed it over to a different position. So I stopped on the track, got out my bike multitool, and raised the carrier by half an inch.

Then I arrived at the first cache, and spent half an hour not finding it. An inauspicious start.

But after that, I found lots and lots, even though for a few of them I had a long hunt. Until I got to the end of the circuit, where I DNFed the last one, and then DNFed the bonus. Maybe some other time.

Then I did another ring near Soham; 10 caches plus a bonus. One of the caches was a puddingstone in long grass. If I'd had a lawnmower with me, I'd probably have found it. Instead I did tiny steps around the area hoping to tread on it. No luck.

That meant that I was missing an important number for the bonus, but I made a guess, and found the ammo box.

After a couple more caches because they were there, I went home. I'm hoping to go out again tomorrow.

42 caches done today, and three DNFs.

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