Saturday 22 June 2013

New trainers

After my 17 mile jaunt in trainers, I had a large blister on my right foot. I consulted daughter.1 on this, and she thought that maybe my 20 year old trainers are ripe for replacement. Looking at them, I can indeed see that they're rather worn, as are two other pair that I have. It's so difficult to throw away things that seem to be working fine.

The walking boots I bought over the internet were a success, so I thought that I could probably repeat that with trainers, so I went to the Sports Direct web site and had a look. I bought two pair of size 11 trainers for £20 including delivery; one has Velcro fastenings, which I rather like, and the other pair has a quite snazzy look to them. Will they fit? Well, even if they don't, I'm only £20 down. But I think they will.


  1. and a free giant mug :) from Sports Direct!

    1. I hope so! I already have one from them, and they are very fine.

  2. DrSolly,
    I did want to reply to you, but I'm VERY scared QHCG will intercept this and put it with the other 599,999,999 emails and texts messages they read today, and I would hate them to close you down due to your connection with me!!

    ps, Other discount clothing websites are available.

  3. I have an arrangement with QHCG that they won't read my blog provided I don't read their web site, so it's quite safe.

    Which other clothing web sites would you recommend? I tried Amazon, but the only cheap trainers I could find there came from ... Sports Direct.