Thursday 13 June 2013

Computer woes

My Windows 7 auto-updated itself, and now iTunes can't see my iPhone. I tried rolling back the update, but it doesn't seem to have helped. How will I update the cache data on the iPhone now? I'll need to find a fix for this.

The computer can see the iPhone - I can access the pictures on it. But iTunes can't see it. 

And Anne says that she can't use her computer (which is a Raspberry Pi). I know why - it seems to have lost contact with the printer. Another problem I need to fix.

But before I could, I got a drop-everything problem - one of my customers has a malware-injection on 2438 of their html files on the server. I did a bit of googling, but I can't see a name for it. Not that it actually helps to know a name. Never mind - I can still get rid of it. I wrote a little program to cut it out, and I've cut my customer's access to the server. That's because the real problem is on his computer - he's gotten infected with something that uses his access to the server, to do the malware-injection. I've told him that he has to clean up his computer, then I'll give him the new password.

My new wheel is still awaiting customs clearance.

And I'm knackered from the last two days out, so tomorrow I'll be resting. I couldn't go out anyway, I have to have a blood test - every three months, they check that my blood has the correct degree of runniness, and adjust my Warfarin dose accordingly. In practice, I've been on the exact same dose for the last 16 years.

... later. OK, fixed the iPhone issue. I don't knw which of the things I did fixed it, but maybe it was ensuring that the Apple Bonjour service started automatically.

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