Sunday 2 June 2013

Family day in London

Daughter.2 isn't here today, she's busy fomenting revolution in Turkey, or as she puts it "on holiday". But grandson.1 was in fine fettle, chasing bubbles that I blew. We watched Toy Story 3 and then 2, daughter.1 says she's played them 20 times now. My favourite part was when Buzz says to the villain "You killed my father" and he replies "Buzz, I am your father". I expect grandson.1 doesn't yet appreciate that bit.

I needed a day of rest after doing three rings yesterday. But I'm hoping to go back to Cambridgeshire tomorrow.

Over the last few visits here, my attempts to use daughter.1's broadband have been increasingly frustrating - poor connectivity and slow service. Today it was impossible. But I noticed that the wireless repeater wasn't getting signal either, and then daughter.1 said she wasn't either on her iphone, she was using 3g. So I moved my computer right next to the wireless point - still no joy. After a little thought, I rebooted the router, and after a minute or so, bingo! Everything is working great now.


  1. Ah, IT 101: 2nd step, switch it off and on again. (the 1st step being, make sure it is switched on in the first place) Nearly always works. (not recommended for pilots, or astronauts, or air traffic controllers, or....)

  2. I was recently on a train, when we stopped, and then the engine was switched off, and the "conductor" who obviously went to my school of comedy came on the tannoy and said, we have a fault with the computer and like all good IT faults the answer is switch it off and switch it back on again. So they did, and it worked and we continued our journey!!

    I've just noticed you have changed your poll! I see me and the other 2 readers, must have used multiple votes to build up the level of replies you got. I am very tempted to tick option 5 but somehow I think you would see the flaw in my voting proceedure! And to be fair I didnt know the JW's had a blacklist!! Oh well I look forward to your post tomorrow then :)

  3. If in doubt, turn it off and then back on again. Today, in deepest Lodsworth my GPS ( extrex 30 )had a hissy fit. Miles out and the compass all over the place. So, take out batteries, weait 2 minutes, have a drink, and then start all over again, calibrate the compass. Now all is OK. WHY!!!!! You know where you are with Monks and quill pens!!