Wednesday 12 June 2013

Two rings and a wheel

Cotterstock and Blatherwycke today; I did two rings. One of the caches I did, is one I've DNFed a few times before, but a recent log says it's been washed away (and was absent the last few times I tried it). So I replaced it.

The Cotterstock ring took me over a route I've been before. I guess a bunch of caches were archived to make room for this.

I also did a puzzle cache that required me to have made finds in 227 of the OS map squares. I checked, and I meet the requirement, so I grabbed the cache.

Great news! The wheel has arrived to the UK from China, and it's going through customs now. I'm guessing that I'll get an exhorbitant demand from HMRC, and when I pay that, I'll get the wheel in a few days.

While I was doing the second ring, I came round a corner on my bike and encountered a herd of 50-80 deer. The legged it, of course, but I was able to take this picture.

Today the pollen was bad for me; my eyes feel it, and I sneezed a few times. I get this every year at this time of year. It's not too bad, just a bit of a nuisance.

51 caches done today, and a couple of DNFs.

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