Thursday 9 September 2021

Day 542 of self-isolation - More back

More back

I'm still getting a lot of pain from my back, and I'm using a walking stick, which helps slightly.

Today I went for my routine blood test. It hurt to go downstairs, it hurt to get into the car, it hurt to get out of the car, it hurt to walk to the blood test room - you get the idea. I'm hoping that when I go to sleep tonight, I'll wake up feeling a lot better. I'm fed up with staggering around.

It feels a lot like it did when I broke my ribs, which is actually helpful, because all the pain management tricks I learned then, are useful. For example, it hurts to stand up using my back to get upright, but it hurts a lot less if I first get my feet directly under my center of gravity,and then lift with my legs, using the stick for balance.

And I do have to get up now and then just to walk around, otherwise the whole back seizes up and it's agony to stand.

Mustn't grumble.


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