Thursday 30 September 2021

Day 563 of self-isolation - Tackling the Model M

Tackling the Model M 

I gave one last test to the keyboard, but b, n, / and space were still not working. How did it get that way? I spelled an entire glass of water on it.

Clearly, waiting for it to dry out, hadn't worked. Time to do a bolt mod.

I already got the nuts and bolts, and taking the outer case off was easy, I already had the right nut driver. The big thing now, was to remove the plastic rivets that holds it together. That gives me access to the innards of the keyboard, so I can see what's wrong and hopefully fix it.

Getting those rivets off was very difficult. I couldn't find my wood chisels, so I tried using a combination of a Stanley knife and a Dremel. That was still difficult, but I got there eventually.

I took off all the keycaps, and I've left them to soak in detergent, likewise the springs. The keyframe was filthy with brown stuff, so I soaked it and brushed it, soaked it and brushed it, and now that's clean. I checked and cleaned the four layers of membrane, and I've left that to dry. 

At this point I'm stymied, because my Dremel won't hold the 1/16 inch drill (I've ordered a chuck) and my big power drill (which will hold that drill) is out on loan, so I've recalled it.

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