Tuesday 7 September 2021

Day 540 of self-isolation - Brexit blues

Brexit blues

We've wrecked our fishing industry. Who could have guessed that when we left the EU, we would no longer be part of the EU and be unable to enjoy the benefits of belonging?

Farming's got a similar problem. For example, the Brexit butcher shortage means that 100,000 pigs could be destroyed. Who could have guessed that telling foreigners to go home, would lead to a shortage of workers?

But the worst problem is HGV drivers. Imports and exports take longer, and we told a lot of EU truckers to truck off.

But wait! There's more. Brexit rules change in October, and UK and EU bodies were not ready for new paperwork needed next month. The new rules mean lorry drivers importing goods will need some 700 pages of documents.

Maybe the ration books will be blue.



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