Monday 20 September 2021

Day 553 of self-isolation - Carbon dioxide shortage

Carbon dioxide shortage

Gas prices went up, so two fertilizer plants closed. CO2 is a by-product of those factories, so we have a CO2 shortage.

CO2 is used in food preservation and processing. Without CO2, we're going to have a meat, bread, cheese and salad shortage. 

Christmas is coming, and the goose is getting fat. But we can't handle the poultry. Christmas might be a bit sparse this year.

No problem! We can import CO2 from Europe ... no, wait, we left the EU.

Our oven-ready government is divided between 1) there is not problem, and 2) this isn't a government problem. Businesses should find a solution. For example, they could import CO2 from Europe ... no, wait, we left the EU.

The whole climate change thing, is down to too much O2 in the atmosphere. So surely there are other places where CO2 is a by-product? Such as cement works, fossil fuel power stations?




  1. The other effect of gas price rises: energy companies going bust.

    Previously, customers have been transferred to suppliers of last resort, but with price caps in place, why would a company want to gain customers from whom they could not make money?

    So what happens if no one wants to take on such customers?
    Don't know - uncharted territory.

    1. Then the government makes a new rule that says "The price caps are still there, but they don't apply if you're changing supplier"

    2. Also - my electricity meter hasn't been working for a long time now. I reported this to my supplier last March, but it's still out of order.