Sunday 19 August 2012

Tollesbury, Essex

Today I did 54 caches over 32 kilometers.

I parked in a handy spot, loaded up the bike and set off for the morning loop of 24 caches. I got back to the car at about 1:30 and had lunch, another bottle of water (it was really hot today),  a change of battery for the bike and a recharge of the Loox.

Then I set off on the second loop, got back to the car, changed battery again, and went round the third loop. These aren't loops that the cache owner set, it was just me finding a route that would be as short and easy as possible.

Along the way, while on the road, I encountered the remains of a minor accident. A box of drill bits had fallen onto the road and shattered, there were bits of plastic and drill bits lying there, a potential hazard. I tidied up, and I'll be keeping the drill bits - I was thinking of buying new bits anyway, because my current ones are getting a bit blunt. These are Black and Decker, so hopefully they'll be good quality.

Towards the end of the day, I encountered this:

Yes, it's a ferret. On a lead. The lady said that she was training it, but she was still having trouble with it biting. I've never seen a ferret on a lead before.

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