Monday 27 August 2012

Biking around Ashford

Ashford, Kent on Sunday. I wanted to do more urban, becuase my left knee is still somewhat bruised from the recent two falls.

I found a good place to park, and used that as my base. In the morning, I biked around for three hours, picking up 19 caches. Then in the afternoon, carrying full saddlebags, another 24, including some very nice caches.

In one of them, after I found the cache ( should have found it very quickly, but failed to quite spot it), I was told that the log was five feet away. More scrambling around ensued, before I eventually found the log in a *very* clever place.

Altogether, I found five caches that I noted as especially good; clearly they're good hiders around this area.
One was a fake "Footpath" yellow circle with the cache behind it; another was a *very* realistic fake branch. Another cache just gave me a picture of where I should stand, and where the cache was.

I can also recommend Ashford as a great place for biking; they have proper cycle lanes (not just 12 inches protected by a white line) and lots of them. Plus, no steep hills. I did 39 km there.

I haven't comletely cleared out Ashford, there's one I couldn't do, as the final location was closed on Sunday, there were a few DNFs (including one that would have given me the coords of a puzzle cache).

I had a late pass, so continued caching until dusk, then back along the M20 and M25, just in time to pick up a chinese curry for supper.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the Ashford caches as much as we all have, still lots more good ones to do on your next visit :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the caches in Ashford. Some of them are very crafty. Hopefully we can return the favour and try out some of yours in the near future.

  3. I liked Ashford, I'm sure I'll come back there some time.

  4. I see you knocked on my door. I'm sorry I missed you :o)